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Monday 15 May 2017


     I was talking with an old friend a couple of weeks ago, and we were chatting about things ‘Prisoner,’ when he made the comment about the helicopter seen taking off outside the ‘The Schizoid Man.’
   He asked me if I'd noticed that when the helicopter takes off it doesn’t have buoyancy floats fitted to its skids. But how when fully airborne it’s suddenly fitted with the buoyancy floats, and when it lands again the buoyancy floats have gone again!
    I congratulated him upon his observation, but said he had failed to observe that these are two different helicopters! It’s a pity that this scene was spoilt by the use of sock film footage of F-BNKZ which was filmed at Portmeirion, when they should have filmed more footage of the helicopter F-BOEH at MGM film studios at Elstree Borehamwood than they did, and could have done.

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