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Friday 24 August 2018

60 Seconds With No.2

    Yes I suppose you could say I was the odd 2 out, being the only Number 2 to be dressed thus. Why I’m dressed identically like Number 6, I suppose is another attempt to keep him off balance. You can witness my arrival, I ride a bike passed the Labour Exchange just as my successor is taking the Prisoner inside. But you have to be quick to see me flash by.
    My first task is to give a reprisal of the Prisoner’s first day in The Village, normal classification, on arrival subject showed shock symptoms, followed by accepted behaviour pattern. Since then has been uncooperative and distinctly aggressive. Attempted to escape, subject proving to be exceptionally difficult, but in view of his importance no extreme measures to be used yet! I went on to say that he had not volunteered any information so far, but appears to be settling down. He even attended the regular Brass Band concert today.
    Then there was Cobb’s funeral, I would have thought Number 9 was most convincing, had it not been real, her tears for a man she had feelings for……Cobb! However having been assigned to Cobb, and her attending his supposed funeral did give me the opportunity to bring 9 and 6 together, he being her next assignment.
    Of course my final act before departing The Village, was to demonstrate to Number 6, oh I didn’t number him, that is a misconception, it was the Supervisor who first mentioned Number 6’s number. Yes it fell upon me to demonstrate that escape is not possible, and we knew he could pilot a helicopter so what better way. I allowed him to keep the
Electro Pass just to remind him that escape is not possible. But I expect that wouldn’t have deterred him. As for me, well eventually I went on to be a policeman, and achieved the rank of Chief Inspector, Reginald “reg” Wexford.

Be seeing you

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