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Thursday 30 August 2018

Quote For The Day

    The telephone begins to bleep during an interview with Number 6.
    “Number 2……………yes sir……yes sir everything’s under control…………… sir no problems………………assistance? No, no I can manage…………….yes sir of course, be seeing you.”

    Why should Number 1 offer Number 2 assistance when Number 2 already has an assistant in Number 14? I think it is clear that Number 1 must have been watching Number 2 during the interview with Number 6. And when things began to cut up rough for Number 6, Number 1 suddenly felt the need in intervene, thinking that Number 2 had overstepped the mark by first threatening Number 6 with a sword and then his physical assault on the Prisoner. Number 1 might also be interested to know how Number 2 had been able to smuggle his sword shooting stick into The Village, wondering why Number 2 thought he needed such a weapon in the first place?
   If its assistance that is required then Number 2 should really put better trust in Number 14, after all that’s why Number 14 is there to be of assistance to Number 2. And yet how many Number 2’s have actually any placed any reliance upon their assistant? Whatever one thinks of Number 14, at least he wants to be of help, and would have been able to, had Number 2 not kept him at arms length.

Be seeing you

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