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Sunday 26 August 2018

A Question of Personalities!

   Number 1 is an introvert, well what could be more introverted than hiding away in a rocket, while at the same time wearing a black and white theatrical mask! Mind you, does Number 1 go about dressed in such a fashion all the time, thus maintaining his anonymity like some leader of a secret society? I find it difficult to believe he does, and that absolutely no-one knew his identity before the advent of ‘Fall Out!
   So with Number 1 as the introvert, whilst on the other hand, Number 6 is the extrovert, an outgoing person, cordial, affable, friendly, a good dancer, he loves parties. Well he did used to attend Madame Engadine’s celebrated parties.

   He feels at ease in ‘B’s’ company, he even has his arm around her waist! He hasn’t been this close to a woman since that night with Nadia, and never so far away as when in the company of Monique!
   And my point is? No point, simply an observation, simply that one man can be so different to that of his other self.

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