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Tuesday 14 August 2018

Collector And Modellers Corner

   Matthew Chambers has been working on a project connected to 'The Girl Who Was Death' a Corgi Diecast Car Prisoner Special Gift Set inspired by the episode. This is what Matt had to say about the project.
     “All the parts have been acquired to restore a Corgi Elan and that's been painted waiting re-assembly only.

   The Corgi Jaguar is waiting for a topcoat and both are waiting for number plate decals. The plates are the difference with making them as good a match to the episodes Car Scenes as I can get. Usually I restore Matchbox cars at the smaller scale but neither car was available from Matchbox, both available from Corgi who also have a lot of this sort of Gift Set pairings. I'm not able to get a suitable box made which is beyond my scope but I may try and think of some display element for them to sit on. 
   I did notice you have some interest in diecast cars from reading your site sections. I was hoping to find out a bit more about Justine Lord's involvement in the episode and did note she has attended The Prisoner Conventions recently. I have watched the Prisoner and had a keen interest since a re-run in the late 70's.  
   I did mirror polish and mask the bumpers on the E Type but couldn't get the mask line to not pull at the surrounding paintwork hence what you see is a second re-spray on the upper casting and a decision not to use silver detail. I could try it just happens to be a difficult casting in that respect so for now erred on the side of caution partly because the Lotus also has/had no trim detail.
   Thank you Matt for sharing this with me and my readers.

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  1. these are both available to bid on / buy on feebay - they've had zero interest and no bidders and are offered for the 3rd listing at a very reasonable £14.99 start - the box for each cost me £10.00 - they have a day left if anyone wants them, if not I'll keep them and find room somewhere. Search for 'the prisoner patrick mcgoohan' in toys and games' to find them - thanks(listed separately)

    1. Hello MC2,
      That is disappointing that there has been no interest in the models. I would bid for them myself, but I already have three Lotus 7's, two Caterham super 7 models, and an E type, plus a Lotus Elan, oh and the Ford Cortina as driven by Potter in 'Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling.'
      But commenting here you may have spread your net that bit wider.

      Fingers crossed for you.