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Thursday 30 August 2018


    That’s ‘the Prisoner’ all over, open to interpretation. But only by us the viewer, there’s no question that Number 6 is interpreting his own actions. To him it was a simple resignation, there’s nothing to be read in that, if one can’t chuck up a job things have come to a pretty pass. After all it might not have been his resignation which triggered his abduction and eventual incarceration in The Village. After all ZM73 had been under the closest possible surveillance before he handed in his letter of resignation. Under surveillance by whom and why is open to interpretation, and yet however we interpret the situation it might not make it actuality right. He might well have come under some suspicion, perhaps it was thought he was getting ready to defect like Chambers late of the Foreign Office. But no, ZM73 was loyal, even after he had resigned his job and held captive in The Village, he refused to give any such information, not of any projects that he knew about, or headings of secret files. So why was he under such close surveillance? Perhaps those working for The Village had their eye on him, having decided that he was just the type of man they wanted, a man of the right calibre. But it’s a three way bet that it was either by a department within British Military Intelligence who had ZM73 under such close surveillance, or Special Branch, or even by an unknown third party.

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