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Monday 20 August 2018

In The Village

    Number 6 has recently left the Town Hall having been brought before the Committee, to which he has not been called before, to defend himself, all they want is his complete confession. The Chairman is sure Number 6 will co-operate.
   It was soon after that that Number 6 encountered Number 61. He greeted her.
    “Beautiful day Sixty-one.”
    But Number 61 simply ignored his greeting
    This is like number 42’s behaviour when she ignored Number 10’s greeting, 42 pleaded mitigating circumstances, that she was composing poetry and didn’t hear Number 10’s greeting. But Number 61 can plead no mitigating circumstances, because she deliberately ignored Number 6’s greeting. She cannot plead her case against not wanting to accused of acknowledging an unmutual, because at that time Number 6 may have been pronounced as being disharmonious, but he hadn’t been posted as an unmutual. Indeed if Number 61 carries on like this, she herself may find herself facing the Committee. The fact that she ignored Number 6’s greeting might well have been enough to see her brought before the Committee Then again perhaps she just didn’t like Number 6!

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