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Thursday 2 August 2018

A Favourite Scene In Arrival

    One might ask, why the crosspiece? Well the chap’s got to open the doors, and he does so in dramatic fashion, and besides how else is a chap to open those double doors? But there is more drama to come as the man storms into the office beyond those doors. He flies into a right tirade, he paces up and down shouting the odds in a right fit of anger. I wonder what it was that rattled his cage? He slams down a letter of resignation, and stamps down forcibly with his fist upon the desk upsetting a cup and saucer, and breaking a tea plate in the process, then storms out if you please. The petty bureaucrat sitting passively behind the desk, remains unmoved by the whole thing. I wonder what he did with that envelope? Perhaps he opened it himself and read the letter it contained. It might be he isn’t all that important, and perhaps he passed it onto the Colonel, or Fotheringay who in turn passed it onto the Colonel who having read the letter then passed it on to someone else, like Sir Charles Portland for example, after all he was head of the department ZM73 worked for.

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