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Wednesday 8 August 2018

A Favourite Scene

    Number 6 didn’t seem at all happy when the Supervisor said they’ll need the body for evidence, he smashed his glass on the floor in a fit of anger! The Supervisor then asked 6 what he desired, he said Number 1. Had ‘Once Upon a Time’ not ended up as the prequel to ‘Fall Out,’ perhaps Number 6 would have gone to see Number 1 in order to make his report at the end of his assignment. After all the Colonel on his deathbed was keen for Number 2 to tell Number 1 that he had done his duty. So why not Number 6? After all he had managed to infiltrate The Village, tested its security, but in his breaking of Number 2 he had perhaps gone too far. So it would only be natural that he would wish to make his report.
   I wonder what would have happened to Number 6 at the end of Once Upon A Time’ had ‘Fall Out’ not come along, and the need for that final short scene not been added on at the end? Certainly Number 2 would have remained dead, and the time lock would have released the steel door for Number 6 and the
Butler to leave the Embryo Room. But what then…………………..?

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