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Friday 24 August 2018

Village Life!

   “Who have you comes as?”
   “Take a look in the mirror!”
   “Haven’t you got it a bit wrong?”
   “How do you mean?”
   “You’re wearing the wrong blazer!”
   “How do you make that out?”
   “Take a look in the mirror!”
   “Well I fancied a bit of a change. And you know what they say.”
   “No, what do they say?”
   “A change is as good as a rest.”
   “Well at least we know who’s who.”
   “Yes, I’m me, I mean you!”
   “But I’m me, I’ve no idea who you are!”
   “Your twin or doppelganger perhaps.”
   “You mean the gardener and electrician?”
   “Not to mention the photographer and the operator of The Tally Ho dispenser!”
  “Number 2’s assistants Fourteen and Twenty-two look pretty much alike.”
   “And they’re dressed identically!”
   “So it might have helped if we were dressed identically.”
   “You think so? Think of all those who are watching.”
   “ Who, the Observers?”
   “The television viewers.”
   “What about them?”
   “Well they would have got into a right old muddle if we’d have been dressed identically!”
    “You don’t think we’ve made it a little too easy for them to distinguish between us?”
    “Well perhaps. But we’re stuck with it now.”
    “I can’t help but think we’ve missed something along the way. But I can’t put my finger on it for the moment.”
    “Don’t worry, I’m sure if you remember you’ll put me in the picture!”

Be seeing you

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