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Friday 10 August 2018

Village life!

    “Nice day.”
    “Same sort of day as yesterday.”
    “Every day’s the same day here in The Village.”
    “That’s a bit deep for a Tuesday.”
    “Thursday is Appreciation Day.”
    “What’s the theme this year?”
    “Oh no, not more of the same!”
    “Well Number Two and the members of the Town Council are extremely worried. There’s a special meeting this afternoon.”
    “About where The Village stands you mean.”
    “Precisely. I mean The Village is on shaky ground.”
    “Being on foreign soil you mean.”
    “Well quite.”
    “It could mean closure.”
    “It could, The Village evacuated finally after all these years.”
    “On the other hand, it could mean The Village might be turned over to foreign hands.”
    “Most of the population are of foreign descent.”
    “Repatriation then?”
   “Might be the best way. But can the citizens be allowed simply to go home, there’s the question of security.”
    “They know about The Village you mean.”
    “And then there’s the question of education.”
    “Education, how do you mean?”
    “Well there are citizens here who were born of The Village, and know nothing of the outside world.”
    “You had better attend this special meeting, Number Two might be glad of your input.”
    “This Brexit lark is causing all kinds of trouble on both sides of the
English Channel, but I never thought it would affect life here in The Village!”
    “Yes it’s up to us Civil Servants to make sure Brexit goes through as smoothly as possible.”
    “Has the Foreign Secretary been briefed on The Village?”
    “What do you think?”
    “That would be a no then!”
    “Hope they’re serving tea and biscuits, this could be a long meeting!”

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