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Saturday 4 August 2018

The Prisoner In Lucks Way!

    “Get that man back to the hospital” Number 2 ordered from the gantry level in the Control room. 
    The doctor-Number 40 was under the misapprehension that Number 6 was about to talk. Don’t you believe it, he would have died first! The doctor used Roland Walter Dutton as a communications medium, to try and trick Number 6 in giving Dutton certain information about the files he’d seen, the projects he’d heard of, headings not details. This was under the pretext that there was a security leak, and so the Committee wanted a breakdown on everything they knew, ZM73, Dutton, Arthur, and the Colonel, everybody. But Number 6 wouldn’t talk, not even to Dutton. He told him that he shouldn’t ask him that, and then he passed out!
    It is wondered just how far the good doctor would have gone with Number 6, had Number 2 not intervened on the Prisoner’s behalf, and had he not collapsed the way he did. The doctor-Number 40 might have gone to any lengths with Number 6 to gain the information he was after, just like he did with Dutton. “Everyman has his breaking point” the doctor once said to Number 2. Judging by the state of mind, Dutton was in at the Prisoner’s trial, it would appear that the doctor had reached Dutton’s breaking point!  
    Originally there was to have been a scene in which the doctor-Number 40 was having a grave dug into which was to have been buried one of his failed experiments. Presumably that was to have been another poor Villager the doctor had been trying to extract information from, and had gone beyond some poor wretch’s breaking point, resulting in the death of the subject! It would seem that no matter what the treatment Number 6 is subjected to, at some point he manages to find himself in lucks way!

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