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Wednesday 22 August 2018

A Favourite Scene In Checkmate

    “She’s lost him!” But it’s only temporary.
    There might be the enjoyment of a car chase in ‘The Girl Who Was Death’ when Mister X is the hunter on the trail of the Girl, but there is also a sort of car chase in ‘Checkmate,’ and for once Number 6 is the hunted! Number 8 is put on the trail of Number 6 by the doctor who has had her hypnotized into believing she is in love with Number 6 and he with her. Number 6 steals a taxi and Number 8 steals another and goes after him but how she manages to lose him I don’t know seeing as The Village is small enough, you’d think it would be difficult to lose anyone. At one point Number 6 takes a side road and Number 8 drives on seemingly out of The Village and along the driveway towards…..towards where? But there’s no danger of interference as Number 2 wants this new device {the reaction transmitter} to have a proper test. There is also the question of love, Number 8 declares her love to Number 6, and sees how they could be happy together. Whilst the Girl in ‘The Girl Who Was Death’ having declared her love for him, would probably love him to death!

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