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Thursday 16 August 2018

Thought For The Day

    Number 2 isn’t an inmate, so that thing can be got rid of, the thing in his chair. It would appear that the Guardian has delusions of grandeur! But it doesn’t last long, as the chair with “it” still in it descends through the floor. But who pressed the button so that the chair would be lowered through the floor? It wasn’t Number 2, nor was it the Butler, perhaps the Guardian did it by using the power of the mind. No, most likely it was the person to whom Number 2 had been laying the law down, Number 1.
    But before that, because the chair had already been raised into the office, poor old number 2 was forced the indignity of being raised up through the floor on a disc, when he should have been sat in his chair. No wonder he was in a bad mood! But why the bell? That was an odd way to summon Number 2 by the ringing of a bell. Usually it was the servant who was summoned so, not the master! And later, in the Embryo Room, that rocking horse, it was always rocking right up until the end. I wonder why? Perhaps there is no meaning, symbolic or otherwise, it might be simply a visual effect. Even for it to appear that there is a reason for the almost perpetually rocking horse motion, probably there isn’t.

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