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Monday 20 August 2018

A Question Of Interpretation

   At her art seminar Madam Professor describes a man sat tearing up a book, to Number 6 as "Creating a fresh concept. Construction comes out of the ashes of destruction." But does it have to be the case that something has to be destroyed for something new and good to be created? Perhaps so, history is filled with such ideology. And yet that which is destroyed can never be replaced!
    And then there's a woman standing on her head, apparently "She's developing a new perspective.” Well does looking at The Village upside down make it appear any better? I should hardly think so, but it does make the blood rush to the head!
    And then there’s the man asleep in the chair simply because "The mind learns only when it wants to." Unless of course he’s unwittingly taking part in the educational experiment known as Speed Learn.
    Madam Professor is clever in her interpretations. Perhaps the man has read the book and found he doesn’t like it. The young woman is perhaps standing on her head because he’s bored and has nothing better to do. And the man in the chair is asleep simply because he’s tired! Madam Professor sees what she wants to see, while someone else sees something entirely different. It's all a question of interpretation you see. It’s the same with ‘the Prisoner’ as a whole, different people interpret scenes in different ways, and have a variety of different ideas about the series.

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