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Sunday 12 August 2018

The Therapy Zone

    Why was Number 6 so angry at the end of ‘Once Upon A Time?’ Don’t tell me he was angry at the death of Number 2, you’ll be telling me he liked the man! Well I suppose all things are possible, after all Number 2 admitted that he was beginning to like Number 6. But would Number 6 have given his life up for Number 2? I doubt it somehow. We can grieve for the dead, we can be angry at the loss of life, but at the same time be happy that we are alive.
    I wonder why Number 2 said “A week, you don’t want to damage him!” Perhaps he was expecting longer, and yet Number 2 struggled to survive the week, it would surprise me if he could have lasted any longer. As it is the stress and tension of the situation was taking its toll upon Number 2. And remember he did begin that week of deliberation with Number 6 having already gone without a nights sleep, which he spent reciting nursery rhymes to the slumbering Number 6. That I suppose was to reinforce his regression back to his childhood, to the age of five.
    And the
Butler, he was there to serve his master in any capacity, as well as to make the tea, cook the meals, wash up, and keep the cage clean. The cage was a self-contained unit, kitchen, dining room, there was a bathroom, and there must have been a toilet, but where did they sleep? I cannot imagine that all three of them were capable of going a whole week without sleep. They must have slept either in a chair or lying on the hard floor, or on the table!
   I like to think that the
Butler actually did lay on those twelve of the best, good and hard with that cane. When Number 2 was lying on the table and Number 6 was leaning over him, they were discussing Degree Absolute, when Number 2 raised his head, it made contact with that of Number 6’s chin, I distinctly heard the impact, and imagined the director shouting cut at that moment!
       Finally Number 2, if it wasn’t the drink that did for him, and it wasn’t the Butler, might not it have been autosuggestion? He saw the clock, and realized that time was running out for him, such was his reaction. There were but five minutes left, and he must have realized that if it wasn’t going to be Number 6, then it was going to be him, no wonder he took a large drink just before his heart gave out!

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