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Tuesday 14 August 2018

The Prisoner

    Have you noticed how ‘the Prisoner’ is all about Number 6? Anyone would think The Village revolves around him, that’s narcissism that is! Number 6 thinks so damned much of himself, but there are other people living in The Village with equally interesting stories as Number 6. The ex-Count for example, what caused him to lose his title and wind him up in The Village? The same can be asked of the ex-Admiral, what had he done to lose his rank? I know there is the General, but whatever it was that brought him to The Village is anyone’s guess, but at least he retained his rank! What’s so interesting about Number 6 anyway? Okay the man resigned his job, so what, people chuck up their jobs every day of the week! I don’t know why Number 2 is so determined to know the reason behind his resignation. I bet it was something mundane, like he became fed up with the work! Anyway it’s got nothing to do with anyone else but Number 6. I bet Number 2 only wants to know because it’s the only piece of information missing from Number 6’s file, and all he wants to do is to bring it all up to date. What was it Number 2 said, “That’s all we want to know,” yeah I bet! If Number 6 was to tell them one tiny thing then all the rest would follow. Oh I know Number 6 did tell Number 2 his time of birth, but I expect he thought they would have that anyway, therefore he didn’t see the harm in telling them. But he didn’t have anything else to say, except his life is his own. Well no one’s life is their own, because there is always someone else who has call on your life, your nearest and dearest for one, and the boss for another.

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