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Thursday 2 August 2018

It's Inexplicable!

   The way that the members of the committee, who disappear so easily, almost instantly when the lights go out in the committee chamber during ‘A Change of Mind’ the only persons remaining when the light are turned back on, are Number 6 and the Butler!
   You see there is much which can be explained, such as the rocket, it's launching which caused the mass evacuation of The Village. We know what type of rocket it was, a Blue Streak rocket of British origin, what we do not know is how it came into the possession of The Village authorities!
   Then there is the case of Number 86 of ‘A Change of Mind’ who told Number 6 that she is higher than Number 2, but that might have been the drug talking! Then what about Number 2, the one who was due to retire, and who had been away on leave. Number 2 was never known to go on leave before! He must have been away on leave for a considerable length of time, because there were three interim Number 2's that we see, and possibly as many we didn't. And then, when No.6 came to pay a call on Number 2, he asked to see Number 2. He didn't appear to recognise the retiring Number 2 sitting in the chair at the time. And Number 2 said "Ah Its Number 6 isn’t it." that sounds like a question, but then I suppose it depends on how you say it. I mean shouldn't these people know one another? But perhaps this retiring Number 2 hasn't had the dealings with Number 6 as much, if any, as those of his predecessors, so busy with making improvements to The Village, the new mural in the library, the electrification of the clocks, the new concert hall to be built and the new blue-zone in the post!
    And all those helicopters taking off from all corners of The Village, helicopters never before seen, apart from the French Alouette helicopter, where did they all come from? And then there are those so termed 'Jammers', didn't one of them ever actually try to escape? Seems they were given the perfect opportunity, seeing as how Control let anything ride which came from a Jammer!
   Then in ‘Free For All’ there was the interior wall of the Green Dome, in the way it revolved to reveal that singular steel door which led into that cave beyond. But even stranger were those four men dressed in overalls, wearing goggles and who sat around The Village Guardian, and which is pulsating. Now what is inexplicable is where did that single steel door come from, how come the wall of the Green Dome revolves, and where’s that cave situated just outside?
    So you see, no matter how much, and how deep, one cares to delve into the depths of the enigma that is ‘the Prisoner,’ there will always be something left which remains a mystery. And in that perhaps lies the attraction of both ‘the Prisoner’ and his Village, in that it is not possible to explain, and put interpretations to, those things which will forever remain inexplicable!

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