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Tuesday 28 August 2018

A Favourite Scene

    At last, it seems Number 50 took a long time in making up her mind to go and see Number 6. Well let’s face it he’s not the most approachable man in The Village. But anyway, as an afterthought the Supervisor-Number 26 took it upon himself to make sure the door was unlocked. Well it seems Number 6 doesn’t always answer it when anyone comes calling. I’ve always wondered why Number 50 had such a look of trepidation, is that the right word? I think fear would be too strong a word, but certainly she’s very nervous to say the least, about having to call on Number 6. Perhaps her somewhat nervous state was the reason why she took her time in making up her mind to go and see Number 6, to seek his help. So once inside the cottage Number 50 walks slowly, carefully across the floor of 6 Private, why, was she trying not to wake Number 6? She certainly tries not to make a sound. And then once in the bedroom, Number 6 is already awake by the way, she stretches out a hand as so to wake Number 6. But then Number 6 grabs her and pulls Number 50 onto the bed......aha! There we have it, perhaps the nervousness was not on the part of the character of Number 50, but on the part of the actress Annette Andre! Perhaps it was she who was not looking forward to that little scene with Patrick McGoohan she didn’t like him you see. Anyway the Supervisor-Number 26 gets hauled over the coals by Number 2 for his little slapdash improvisation. Number 50 is eventually sent packing by Number 6, and the interim Number 2 gets it in the neck from Number 1. And already Plan Division Q is behind schedule!

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