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Saturday 18 August 2018

Life Outside The Village!

    “Tell me Commander, why did you do that?”
    “Because it’s the search area we have just calculated.”
    “There’s no other reason?”
    “What reason could there be?”
    “Perhaps you are trying to hide the location of The Village!”
    “We know it’s in that area somewhere.”
    “Yes but now you’ve just made the job ten times worse!”
    “How do you make that out, what, you think it’s marked somewhere on the map?”
    “We’ll never know now will we Commander. Just which side are you working for?”
    “If this Village is as secret as you say it is........”
    “It is.”
    “Well then, they’d hardly advertise it by having it marked on the map now would they?”
    “Well that’s not how it’s going to seem to some people, they’ll think you are trying to hide something!”

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