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Friday, 10 February 2017

A Reason For Being!

    The Prisoner awakens in what he thought to be the study of his own home, he was wrong! He takes his first tentative steps out into The Village, he’s shocked, disorientated. He sees the figure of a man leaning out of a window of the Bell Tower, the Prisoner rushes round the base of the tower to find a door. He quickly climbs up in the Bell Tower, but of the figure he saw leaning out of the window there is no sign! He climbs to the Top of the Bell Tower and looks in every direction, the whole Village laid out before him. What might have been the purpose of that figure leaning out of the window? After all he was there, you and I, and anyone watching ‘Arrival’ saw the figure, so he must have been there. Perhaps the figure was there to attract the Prisoner’s attention in order to make him climb the Bell Tower, and from the highest point give the Prisoner the best view of The Village they could in order to confirm his new surroundings, until he was given an aerial tour by helicopter that is. The Prisoner did not encounter the figure he saw, so where did it disappear to? Obviously he ducked away in some unknown space, and simply not seen by the Prisoner, after all people don’t just disappear, unless they are abducted to The Village! But never mind the disappearing figure of a man, who in their right mind would haul a heavy stone statue up to the top of the Bell Tower? Was that put there simply to try and convince the Prisoner that it was the statue he had seen? If so it was a pretty poor attempt, after all, the statue had been placed right at the top of the Bell Tower, it wasn’t even pointing in the right direction, and not at the window the Prisoner had seen the figure leaning out of! However both the stone statue and the figure of the man do have something in common, they are both ambiguous. But the reason for the one may well be the reason for the other. The figure of the man is replaced by a statue, making it appear the Prisoner made a mistake, if that be the reason for their being!

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