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Saturday 4 February 2017

Caught On Camera!

    “My hat nearly blew away that time!”
    “Best hang onto it then.”
    “Do you think it ruined the shot?”
    “No, besides we’re well in the background, who’s to notice?”
    “Suppose so. Anyway I’d best get back to work soon.”
    “Aren’t you working now?”
    “Oh no, I’m only on my tea break, I work here you see. I’ve got rooms still to clean, beds to make. I’m one of the maids!”

    “Well I think it’s daft!”
    “That McGoohan chap running about with a balloon tied to his trousers, did you see that?”
    “No, I was up in The Village, saw a young man being suffocated by that balloon!”
    “Daft! Us sitting here in deckchairs, wearing a straw boater and a stupid cape!””
    “You’re getting paid for it!”
    “That rubber lilo and beach ball, are we supposed to do something with them?”
    “I expect some young girls in bikinis will come along and use them.”
    “I saw them earlier, by the swimming pool, they didn’t look none to warm. What she looking at?”
    “Dunno, handsome woman though Virginia Maskell.”
    “She was a Danger girl!”
   “What’s a danger girl when she’s at home?”
   “Like a Bond girl, only she was in
Danger Man.
   “Oh, she was the Colonel’s Daughter.”
   “That’s right.”
   Don Chaffey “Oi you two……. shut up, we’re trying to film here! When you’re ready Miss Maskell.”


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