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Tuesday 14 February 2017

Who’s That On the Telephono?

    The telephone bleeps, the Supervisor picks it up
    “Yes sir, at once………. it’s for you.”
    “Who is it?”
    “Let’s just say I’m glad it’s for you!”
    “As bad as that?”
    “Just a minute, it’s yellow! Aren’t I supposed to be using a red telephone to speak to…….him?”
    “I haven’t got a red telephone.”
    “What happens if I have to call………him, later in the episode?”
    “You could always use a yellow telephone, at least that way you’ll maintain the continuity!”
    Tiny voice from the telephone “Come on, get me Number Two on this telephone, I’ve a few choice words to say to him!”
    “What’s that voice I can hear?”
    “It’s him, he can hear every word you say, I’ve still got my finger on the button.”
    “You blithering idiot………..oh no sir, not you sir…… I would never………what colour telephone are you on********************* there’s no need to use language like that, I only asked!”

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