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Monday 6 February 2017

Bureau of Visual Records

    There’s been a special delivery for Number 6 while he’s been lounging about on the beach! His own suit specially delivered for the occasion of the Carnival. What does that mean? Well to Number 6 it means that he’s still himself, which wouldn’t be at all surprising seeing as ‘Dance of the Dead’ was originally to have been the second episode in the series. He wouldn’t have been in The Village long enough for anything too drastic to have befallen him.
   At the Ball Number 6 asked Number 2 why he has no costume, to which Number 2 said perhaps because he doesn’t exist. Well we can see that he exists, at least in The Village, but in the outside World, well that’s going to be a different matter. Certainly the Prisoner has no costume, but that in itself does at least make him stand out at the Ball!
   But I thought the doctor in ‘Arrival’ said they’d burned his clothes? But obviously not, because that infantile patient was seen wearing the Prisoner’s suit. So why did the doctor say it had been burned? And why was that patient suddenly wearing the Prisoner’s clothes? They were obviously conducting an experiment, perhaps they were attempting to create another like the Prisoner!

Be seeing you


  1. Hi David,
    Another thought about why the patient might have been wearing The Prisoner's clothers...

    The doctor had told The Prisoner that his clothes had been burned, yet obviously the "singing" patient was wearing them....I believe that this was a way to keep The Prisoner off balance...being told one thing and then being able to see something that refuted what he had been told.
    It might have also been a subliminal "threat" to The Prisoner that you might end up like this "singing" patient...obviously mentally unhinged...if you don't start cooperating.


    1. Hello Karen,
      Yes it might well be another way of keeping the Prisoner off balance, like the sudden change in Number 2, putting the Prisoner back to square one, so that he has to start all over again with a new Number 2!
      A subliminal threat to the Prisoner, that’s a new one, it’s always a possibility. There are some who believe that that singing infantile man is a clone, an early clone of the Prisoner!

      Be seeing you