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Wednesday 8 February 2017

Mind The Psyche!

    Number 6, whilst struggling, is manhandled from his home by a security force, sedated, and eventually placed on a hospital bed in the framework of the Seltzman machine. The same goes for the Colonel, although how he took to the idea of physically having his mind changed with another subject is unknown. He may have struggled, he may have gone screaming to the Seltzman machine, certainly he had eventually been sedated.  
    The process of mind transference then took place, the result being that Number 6 woke up back in his London home, his mind now inhabiting the Colonel’s body! But what of the Colonel’s mind? I have always been under the impression that when the two minds are exchanged, if the one now inhabits the Colonel’s body, then the other inhabits Number 6’s body. Further more that Number 6 remains sedated in a hospital bed, because they couldn’t have Number 6 at large in The Village with the Colonel’s mind. Also there could be no accidents, otherwise they might not be able to reunite the two, body and psyche.
    An idea was put to me quite recently, and it is this. “I wonder if the sedation of the original body wasn't part of the routine for everyone who had his mind transferred. I'm not so sure if the Colonel’s mind really was transferred to Number 6's body, either. What if only one mind could be transferred, at a time, while the other was somehow “stored” or put in a coma or the like? This would be another explanation, also for the need to find a reversal process.” This idea was also adopted by my wife, who was under the impression that the mind of the Colonel had not been put in Number 6’s body, but placed elsewhere else. It’s a novel idea, but if the Colonel’s mind is not transferred to Number 6’s body, then where, into a large receptacle perhaps? But if you cannot see a person’s psyche, how do you know its there? Neither can I imagine that somehow the mind is kept in the ether somewhere. And let us not forget how in the final experiment, Doctor Seltzman had progressed to the state that he could, and did, change the minds of three people simultaneously. That indicates to me that when the Colonel and Number 6 underwent the mind transference process, the two minds were exchanged into either body.

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