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Thursday 2 February 2017

The Month of February!

    February, it’s a busy time for Number 6. On February 10th he woke up with a bruised wrist, caused by a needle punch mark which he got the night before, later meeting with a doctor-Number 14 at a table outside the Old People’s Home. “My handbook on social etiquette doesn’t deal with this” Number 6 began “how does one talk to someone that one has met in a dream?” That night of Feb10th it was a sedated Number 6 who was taken from his cottage to the secret laboratory in the woods for a second time. However on that same night, Number 6, having drunk his drugged nightcap of hot chocolate, was taken from his cottage by two medics and a nurse and placed in the cottage of 12 Private. The next day, being Feb11th, he woke up in a strange apartment, but as someone else, after undergoing a physical change, along with having his mind conditioned over a period which lasted between 4 to 6 weeks. During which time Number 6 was taken from his cottage for a third time, on the night of the 11th, to participate in his final dream of ‘A B and C!’ Then later in the month, around Feb 20th, it’s difficult to be exact, Number 6 wakes up to find The Village deserted. He spent a day or two felling trees, emptying oil drums, and building a sea-going raft, eventually setting sail on February 22nd. The date allows for the 25 days Number 6 spent at sea, so to arrive back at his home in London on March 18th.
    With so much happening this month, it makes you wonder how they managed to fit it all in, and makes the mind boggle!

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