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Friday 10 February 2017

A Favourite Scene

   In ‘The General,’ when Number 2 is in the Boardroom speaking to Number 1 on the telephone.
   “No I assure you there’s no problem sir, we’re getting a hundred percent cooperation from everyone and I’m anticipating a truly exciting result…………. Who sir?......... oh the Professor just a mild aberration I assure you, a couple of days rest and adjustment and he’ll be doing everything we need……………yes, yes I will keep in touch sir, the closest touch, thank you sir. Probably the most important human experiment we have ever had to conduct, and he’s treating it like a military exercise!”
  And this while the Butler pours out a glass of milk, indicating that Number 2 is still suffering from his stomach ulcer, but at last he’s using the normal ‘L’ shaped telephone, and not that other ridiculous contraption in ‘A B and C.’ Just a minute….where does the Butler go? He wheels away the trolley, but he doesn’t leave the Boardroom via the steel doors, because we only hear them opening as Number 12 enters the room!
   Number 12, of administration has concerns about the Professor, he thinks they’re going about it with him the wrong way. He sees it that they indulge his idiosyncrasies too much, he sees the Professor as being a crank and should be treated as such. He knows that the Professor is the corner stone of Speedlearn, but Number 12 can’t help but think he’s a troublemaker, and he attracts troublemakers, meaning Number 6. Number 2 asks Number 12 how long he’s been with them? “Me sir? Quite a long time sir.” “but obviously not long enough” Number 2 replies and then goes on to warn Number 12 that his opinions about the Professor should be carefully guarded. I’ve always thought the same about Number 2 when he made his remark about Number 1. After all in his position he should know who might be listening!

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