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Saturday 18 February 2017

Youth Rebels Against Nothing It Can Define!

   Number 48 is described by the President as youth, with its enthusiasm, which rebels against any accepted norm because it must. It may wear flowers in its hair, bells on its toes. As well as being uncoordinated youth, rebelling against nothing it can define. As for Number 48, I used to wonder if he wasn’t the former Number 8 who committed suicide at the end of ‘Living In Harmony.’ He could have been resuscitated like the “late” Number 2 in ‘Fall Out’ and given a new number. That would make it right what the President said about 48, that he was with us, but then he went and gone. Resuscitated he saw the light, rebelling against The Village and all it stood for, The Village being the accepted norm by many.
   I’ve always been of the opinion that like Number 6 Number 48 had successfully survived his own “ultimate test,” and like Number 6 had been given the opportunity of stating his own case, as well as being given his own clothes to wear. And yet……it might be that Number 48 had been born in The Village, if that is the case, then where did Number 48 get those clothes he wears, the military tunic, trousers, top hat and white boots? Because they could not be his own clothes, it could be that they belonged to someone else. That clothes belonging to people who are brought to The Village wearing their own clothes, that when they are given Village attire to wear, that their own clothes are put into storage. It has been said by one of ‘the Prisoner’s’ production crew that the Kid in ‘Living In Harmony’ wears the clothes of the men he has killed. So continuing to think outside the box, it could be that after Number 48 found his way into where The Village inmate’s former clothes are stored, put together the outfit he now wears from a selection of other people’s clothes!
   It may be that my first assumption about Number 48 that the clothes he wears are his own. And yet I find there is something appealing about my further assumption regarding Number 48.

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