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Tuesday 19 June 2018

A Favourite Scene In It’s Your Funeral

    Number 50-Monique goes to ‘6 Private’ in order to seek Number 6’s help, she wakes him up.
    “What are you doing here?”
    “I was just going to wake you up.”
    “You have, who are you?”
    “I’m a number just like you, does it matter which?”
    “How did you get in?”
    “The door was open.”
    “Always is to them isn’t it?”
    “I’m not one of them!”
    “No, what do you want?”
    “Go to the Town Hall, the citizens council promises help and advice to everyone.”
    “Their citizen’s council.”
    “As far as I’m concerned what’s theirs is yours!”
    “I am not one of them!”
    “No, no-one is. Go back tell them I was not interested, that I wouldn’t even listen. What’s the point, they know already. I won’t go for it, whatever it is, so you may as well stop trying!”
    Number 6 shows Monique the door and she collapses unconscious on the floor!
    “We never stop Number Six” is an interim Number 2’s comment as he watches on the wall screen.
    Number 6 closes the door.
    Monique has been given a drug, one of the new super strength moprobamates that has been developed, the girl knows nothing about it of course. She had been given the drug the day before, the drug remains dormant until triggered by the nervous system then it’s released to the desired quantity to achieve the effect that has been achieved, temporary oblivion! This in anticipation of Number 6 throwing her out, which he was about to do. But now Monique has become a damsel in distress, he’ll be all good deeds and sympathy now. But Number 2 isn’t enamoured by the after thought that the door to Number 6’s cottage had been left unlocked. The Supervisor-Number 26 protests that it was to enable the girl, when she had made up her mind to see him, have access. Yes the girl does know how to knock on a door, but Number 6 doesn’t always answer! He thought it was a good idea, but it wasn’t. This is far too important for little slapdash improvisations as this, because now Number 6 is going to assume they sent Number 50 to him………
    Number 50 begins to come round, and Number 6 offers her a glass of water.
    “No, drugs, your pupils are contracted.”
    “I don’t take drugs.”
    “Forced feeding then.”
    “But why would they?”
    “You tell me.”
    “You mean you’ll condescend to listen?”
    “I’ll listen as long as what you’re saying become too obviously phoney yes.”
    “I’ll find help somewhere else.”
    “They told you to find it here didn’t they?”
    “Think what you like, it doesn’t matter any more…….no, no it does matter. This concerns the welfare of everybody in this village.”
    “And welfare is our biggest consumer item, yes?”
    “Joke about this if you can…assassination.”
    “What you trying to organise or prevent one?”
    “Prevent, they would have to take reprisals, everybody would suffer.”
    “Alright, what can I do for you?”
    “I’ve just told you I need your help by preventing an assassination!”
    “They’ve heard, they are aware, and they don’t need anyone’s help!”
    “They don’t believe me!”
    “No comment!”
    “So much caution in a man like you it seems so wrong.”
    “Many times bitten forever shy, but they are not shy they love to listen!”
    “You don’t understand my name, my number on a list.”
    “Honours or deportation?”
    “Jamming, what you mean domestic science?”
    “You’ll learn about jamming one of these days, it’s a most important way of fighting back.”
    “Alright, enlighten me now.”
    “No, I tell lies remember? I’m sorry I ever bothered you!”
    Monique leaves.
    “Call in any time you like”
    I like the way Number 6 hasn’t got out of bed yet, but even so his involvement in Plan Division Q has already been plotted. And yet he doesn’t want any part of it, he won’t go for it, whatever it is, so they may as well stop trying! But Monique presses the point, she wants his help in preventing an assassination. So what? They’ve heard, they are aware, and they don’t need anyone’s help! But they do, they need Number 6’s involvement without which Plan Division Q might not be given the correct credibility when he goes to warn Number 2 that there is an assassination plot against him, And Number 6 cannot but help get involved! Perhaps had they chosen someone else less credible, Plan Division Q might have succeeded!
   As for jamming, “You’ll learn about jamming one of these day, it’s a most important way of fighting back,” Number 6 knew all about jamming, he was carrying out acts of jamming in the previous episode ‘Hammer Into Anvil,’ what’s more he might have been the original jammer. The only mystery about that Number 6 might have, is how did others find out about jamming?
    Monique is a damsel in distress, but Number 6’s attitude towards her is different to what it was towards others. A case of many times bitten forever shy. Also Annette Andre didn’t get on at all well with Patrick McGoohan, ironic then that her character should end up on the bed with Number 6!

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