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Saturday 9 June 2018

Thought For The Day

   According to one of the doctor’s reports in ‘Checkmate,’ during the tests carried out on Number 6 he showed a negative reaction to pain. Number 2 said “He wouldn’t be able to fake that,” to which the doctor replied “I’ve never met a man that could, it would take superhuman will power.” Well Number 6 soon lost that ability to show a negative reaction to pain, because when Number 2 in the next episode prodded Number 6’s forehead with the tip pf a blade, he reacted! It’s the same with Number 6’s wristwatch. In ‘The Schizoid Man,’ Number 2 said of Number 6, “Number Six has a very strong sense of territory, you won’t shake him on his possessions.” It is unclear whether or not Number 6’s possessions are those of his own from his London home. But one possession that Number 6 did bring to The Village with him, is his wristwatch. This same watch is swapped by Number 100 in ‘It’s Your Funeral’ for an identical one that had stopped. It must have been an exact copy of Number 6’s wristwatch, as it certainly fooled him, Number 6 having lost his “strong sense of territory, you can’t shake him on his possessions.” For them to be able to do that the general wear and tear, possible scratches on the glass, the wear on the inside of the leather strap, must have been exactly the same as Number 6’s own wristwatch. Number 2 once said they’re clever, damned clever!

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