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Saturday 23 June 2018

Things To Do Today

   In ‘Arrival’ it said on the Prisoner’s “Things To Do Today” pad
     Who would be sending the Prisoner flowers? Unless this notation stems back to his life back in London, because I do not see any flowers in the Prisoner’s cottage. If that is the case the only person I can think of who might send flowers to ZM73 is his fiancée Janet Portland! And still on the subject of his “Things To Do Today” pad, when ZM73 woke up in his London home in ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling’ he noted what was on for that day. Car due for service, lunch with Sir Charles, dentist appointment, ah would have to cancel that because Sir Charles lunches they go on forever, but who can blame him, he’s the boss. ZM73 claimed to have built his Lotus 7 kit car with his own hands, that he knew every nut, bolt, and cog. That being the case I should have thought he need not have booked his car into a garage for a simple service, after all he only had to change the oil, check the brake fluid, check the tread on the tyres, along with the clutch cable, spark plugs, and distilled water in the battery. That’s a job for a Sunday that is! Mind you in the case of ZM73 it might have been a question of time. If that was the case, it begs the question where did he find the time to build the car in the first place? And where did he do it, his house has no garage, but perhaps he rented a “lock-up” somewhere. Through the 1950’s and 1970’s Sunday was a day when men washed and cleaned the car, and carried out such checks on their car. But that doesn’t seem to be the case these days. I wonder when men stopped cleaning their cars on a Sunday morning? The only time ZM73 was likely to take his car into a garage would be for an M.O.T, a Ministry of Transport road worthiness test, for which a certificate is wanted.
   But if there are no flowers, and the Prisoner didn’t write “Don’t forget to send than you note for flowers at earliest,” who did and why?

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