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Friday 1 June 2018

The Trivia!

     The trivia, the trivia of the Prisoner’s resignation, I never thought I’d hear any Number 2 call it that! But of course Number 2 didn’t mean it, he was as desperate as any of his predecessors to discover the reason behind Number 6’s resignation, well his predecessors who also attempted to extract that reason. Well not every Number 2 was bothered about why the Prisoner resigned, after all if you can’t chuck up a job things have come to a pretty pass. Yes but working for the British Government isn’t just any old job, nor is it having worked for Lew Grade! To chuck up a job that made one a household name, then to go to the boss and create a unique position for oneself within that same company, well it’s not everyone who could have done that. But then Patrick McGoohan, like John Drake the character he portrayed, was a man of a different calibre and certainly Number 6 wasn’t like the others!

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