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Monday 11 June 2018

Quote For The Day

    “Oh your costume came.”
    “Don’t I get a choice?”
    “Other people choose, it’s a game.”
    “I expect its something exotic.”
    “What is it?”
    “My own suit specially delivered for the occasion.”
    “What does that mean?”
    “That I am still myself!”
    “Lucky you!”
                 {The maid-Number 54 and Number 6 Dance of the Dead}
    I don’t know if the question has been asked before, as it made me wonder who it was who chose Number 6’s own clothes as his costume. Most probably it was Number 2 herself. As for Number 6 still being himself as he suggests, then lucky for him. Because he’s been put through the mill a few times by the time of ‘Dance of the Dead.’ He’s been briefed and de-briefed, numbered. Tricked and cajoled. Fooled into thinking he had escaped when he’d done nothing of the kind. Betrayed by his ex-colleagues. Coerced into running for public office, made to think he was just the kind of candidate they were looking for, and when he’d won, they dashed away his hopes, and beat him up for his pains! More then that, they had got into his dreams, and manipulated them. Taken away his identity, and made him out to be someone else brought to The Village in order to impersonate Number 6. So Number 6 ended up impersonating himself! And then one day Number 6 woke up to find The Village deserted. So he set about escaping himself, and set out on a voyage of discovery only to end up back where he started. So if by the time of ‘Dance of the Dead’ Number 6 reckons he’s still himself, then he’s doing pretty well. But then on the other hand, seeing as ‘Dance of the Dead’ was supposed to have been the second episode according to the production/library order, then Number 6 should still be himself at that time, because his ordeal in The Village would have only recently begun!

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