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Wednesday 13 June 2018

The Prisoner

    You can’t keep me here!
    Why not?
    Look I don’t know what I’m doing here, or how I came to be here…
    Don’t worry, it’s like that for everyone. Why don’t you sit down and have some lunch?
   I don’t want any lunch, but a few answers would do very nicely.
   I am here to ask the questions, you to supply the answers.
   I’m not telling you anything.
   Oh you will, in time you will want to tell me, if only to unburden yourself.
    I’ve done nothing wrong. It wasn’t my fault the plans were stolen. You need to talk to that Civil Servant who let his briefcase get swiped!
    We have! You weren’t sorry about that were you, in fact you were quite happy about it.
    I’m loyal.
    It’s not your loyalty that is being questioned.
    What then?
    We want you to duplicate those plans.
    You mean you don’t have them?
    Then who does?
    Not us, so it stands to reason that they must have them. But we have one great advantage, we have you!
    I’ll let you go for now, to allow you to acclimatize yourself to your new surroundings. We’ll talk again, and perhaps then you’ll be more receptive.
    I wouldn’t count on it.
    Let me warn you, this is just the beginning, we have many ways and means. Sooner or later you’ll work for us, sooner or later you’ll want to, it’s simply a question of time.
    You expect me to collaborate?
    Call it that if you must. Better that than……
    Than what?
    Come, I’ll show you.
    After a short taxi ride to the hospital………..
    What are you doing to him?
    As you can see….nothing!
    And you expect me to believe that?
    We can’t do anything to him yet… haven’t built the mind scrambling device yet. This man sits quietly waiting because his brain has been scrambled. We want your machine so that we can un-scramble it, thereby reversing the process which brought about this man’s current state of mind.
    I won’t do it!
    But you will.
    You can’t make me, nothing on earth would make me construct such a device.
    But you did.
    I…….did? Who is that man?
    It’s you! You see Professor we have another machine, it’s called a time machine. We managed to bring you back, but not your machine. So in helping us you can help yourself, and this time there will be no mistakes!

Be seeing you

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