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Tuesday 19 June 2018

Quote For The Day

   “Supposing I don’t want any flowers?”
    “Everyone has flowers for Carnival, be seeing you.”
                               {Number 6 and a gardener - Dance of The Dead}

    I don’t think Number 6 had anything against flowers per se, perhaps he simply didn’t like to have things foisted upon him. After all he had window boxes on his London house, not that ZM73 could be seen to be a keen gardener. He might have had a man to tend the window boxes, to dead-head the flowers and water them occasionally. The window boxes might be one coincidence, another would be that there is no garden to No.1 Buckingham place, just as there is no garden to ‘6 Private’ in The Village!
   And when it comes to flowers, on Number 6’s ‘Things To Do Today’ pad there was a note saying “Send thank you note for flowers at earliest.” Who would be sending the Prisoner, or rather ZM73, flowers?

Be seeing you

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