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Sunday 17 June 2018

Caught On Camera!

   There is something not quite right here, for some reason they keep

swapping people about! There’s the two chaps, one wearing a white crash helmet and a chap in a red jersey sporting a beard holding up a large placard behind the first one. Also one of the chaps wearing a striped jacket has been replaced!
And yet when viewed from behind…...
…….those two men have been replaced by two chaps wearing straw boaters. I’m not even sure if there are the two placards, but just one. Which means both the two chaps wearing black and white striped jackets, who started out carrying the Vote No.2 placard, have been replaced! This is a trivial matter, and probably of no interest to many. But I find it interesting the way such scenes are filmed without any apparent regard for continuity!

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