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Thursday 21 June 2018

The Embryo Room

  In the Embryo Room life can be re-enacted from the cradle to the grave. Basically it is no more than a child’s playroom filled with all manner of props. Beyond that, can the Embryo Room be called just that, a room? When you walk into a room immediately you can see it’s dimensions, the extent of its walls, that is what defines it as being a room. The Embryo Room on the other hand does have a door, but that is about as close as it comes to being a room as we know it. Because once through the door its dimensions cannot be defined, it is a black space with unclear dimensions. This gives the impression that you could enter through the door and walk endlessly in the blackness, and never find your way out again. No matter which way you turn, it takes you further and further way from the door, to be permanently lost in the blackness of space!
    The same effect as having the time tunnel in a huge black space of unknown dimensions used in the television series of the same name, ‘The Time Tunnel,’ a 1966 -1967 television series. And I myself used the same effect for a scene in my1999 film ‘Village Day,’ when Number 2 appeared out of the darkness and into the light of an operating room.

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