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Saturday 23 June 2018

The Village

    This is The Village.
    What village?
    This is The Village, where have you been man, not to know this is The Village?
    I’ve been away.
    Now you’ve got to be kidding, no-one leaves The Village!
    I did.
    And now you’ve come back?
    It would appear so.
    Look man, I’m a taxi driver, and I do local destinations, where can I take you?
    Take me to see Number Two.
    Hey man, no-one goes to see Number Two, unless Two wants you to!
    He’ll want to see me!
    I never thought I would be seeing you again!
    The return of the prodigal son!
    There’s no fatted calf.
    I didn’t expect one.
    What brings you back here?
    You would know that better than I.
    You were not forced to come back here.
    No, but I know what’s going on.
    Going on?
    The experiment is going to be closed down!
    Experiment, what experiment?
    The Village!
    And you came to warn me, I would have thought you would have been dancing with joy. But then without The Village there is no reason for you, and all the people here, good people Six, all of them will cease to exist. Is that what you want?
    You have always seen yourself as the problem Six, but you are the solution. Face yourself, face up to it, that you are the reason for The Village. You are The Village, you are the one. If you want it to end, then end it now.
    The Village as a place where people turned up, people who knew too much or too little, people who got on the bus in The Village only to arrive there a few minutes later. They might be good people, but they are broken people who need to be made better, because they are people of fragments. Six thought he could make a better Village, a moral Village, but he had Sarah dream The Village. Sarah who had been abused as a child whom 313 could no longer suppress. The Village was a disaster, filled with people and their mental problems which she made worse. You will recall how M2’s favourite meal was anything in wraps, well with Sarah/313, she had people being abused by being forced to stand absolutely silent in the corner of a room with a cardboard box on their heads! I mean what kind of Village do you call that? Excuse me, I never heard a word you said, not with this cardboard box on my head!

Be seeing you

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