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Thursday 21 June 2018

The Village!

    The Village is a place, where people just turn up, people who know too much, or too little, but generally people who cannot be left around. The knowledge inside their heads of great value to one side or the other. I can understand why people who know too much, they have information which needs protecting, or extracting, depending on which side you are on. But why people who know too little? If they don’t know enough they’d seem hardly worth bothering about, and yet......and yet those behind The Village want to know everything. So even someone who knew too little would have just enough information to see themselves brought to The Village. After all the prime objective of Number 2 is the extraction of information, information, information. And if you don’t give it they’ll take it, by fair means or foul, by hook or by crook.
    But not everyone in The Village just turns up there, oh a good many do, some get to like the life there so much that they wouldn’t leave for the world. Lifers you see, lifers do not get to leave The Village, they are looked after until they die. So it’s nice to know The Village has a good enough welfare system to be able to do that. Those who do get to leave The Village are generally those who were seconded or assigned to The Village, or have gone over to the other side. Number 2’s of course they are allowed to leave The Village, otherwise they couldn’t be brought back for a second term in office. And the helicopter pilot, he’s permitted to leave The Village, but then he stays for only 2 hours at a time.
    As for those seconded to or assigned to The Village, possibly Cobb although it’s difficult to tell about him. The Colonel and Thorpe, Nadia Rakovski, Curtis, and another Colonel who was gratified that he had been sent to The Village by the highest authority, not Number 1 then? There’s a higher authority outside of The Village, those “masters” we hear so much about no doubt. And yet, out of all those who were sent to The Village on assignment two died, Curtis and the Colonel. Perhaps the impact for those two deaths on the outside world would be minimal. Curtis will have left no-one behind, Susan died a year ago, unless of course there were children. As for the Colonel we don’t know about him, although both Curtis and the Colonel were professional men, they knew the risks. And yet it would have hardly been thought the Colonel in ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling’ was a field agent, more of a desk jockey. Whereas Colonel Hawke-Englishe seemed at home in the field, but then he was chasing a very beautiful prey, The Girl Who Was Death! Which brings into question the unlikely link between those two episodes, Potter! On the one hand Potter is an agent, code name XB4, who follows the Colonel wherever he goes, and on the other, Potter is Colonel Hawke-Englishe’s back-up
man. The only trouble is Potter is attracted to The Girl Who Was Death, and so Potter has taken his eye off the ball when the Colonel is murdered at the wicket, just one run short of his century! Perhaps that wouldn’t have happened had XB4 been both Potters. And yet Potter features for the comedy aspect of the episode, he makes a half decent shoeshine boy, whereas he lacks certain attributes as a field agent!
   Four different Colonels appear in various episodes, two of them we know worked for The Village, because they was assigned there. As for Hawke-Englishe it’s difficult to say, but perhaps its best to give the deceased the benefit of the doubt. As for the Colonel who appeared with Thorpe, it’s difficult to judge him. He might not be in the pay of those behind The Village, on the other hand........

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