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Thursday 7 June 2018

Back In The Village?

   Certainly Number 6 was looking for reassurances, by listening to the telephone’s dialling tone, the view out of the window. The hot and cold taps of the shower having been put on the wrong way round, to make nothing of the area of dry rot behind the writing bureau which was made good about 12 months before. Further proof of his whereabouts is the fact that there is no little window above the recliner where that large wooden carving is. This to make sure of his current surroundings, after all he must have remembered what took place during The Chimes of Big Ben.’ There he was having arrived in what he thought to be an office in London which he knew very well, when he was back in The Village all the time. But this time it’s different, Number 6 travelled halfway across London to get to his house, and there’s no faking that. So he has to be back in his home in London, or is he? Because looking at it there is something which is still not quite right about this room. That front wall has a curve to it, which is fine for his cottage in The Village, but in London that is the front wall of his house and should be flat. This room is a mishmash, it belongs neither in The Village nor London, but somewhere in between.

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