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Wednesday 13 June 2018

Suits You Sir!

    Number 6 cannot help but take advantage of the given opportunity to go exploring the Town Hall on the evening of the Ball. But even then his movements are controlled, for example he is led to the mortuary and to the body lying in one of the long drawers therein. And later, a door which was previously secured against him, now permits entry into the room beyond, but only because they want Number 6 to go into that room.
    I like the way Number 6 selects a white coat and it fits him, even over his suit. He didn’t have to try a second coat on, as any normal person might, with Number 6 it has to be right first time! And the spectacles he finds in the breast pocket must have plain glass lenses. Because what are the odds in Number 6 wearing another person’s spectacles and being able to see through them? Unless of course they are Patrick McGoohan’s own spectacles, which of course they are, in the same way as the slippers in ‘Arrival’ are McGoohan’s own. They being his size and well worn. Other than that they might be “dead man’s slippers!”

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