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Tuesday 5 June 2018

In The Village!

   It wasn’t Number 2’s fault the plan failed. Such an elaborate plan as this was bound to have some kind of flaw, Number 6 was just in lucks way that’s all. It could not have been foreseen that Number 6 would want to time the journey to London, that his wristwatch would be waterlogged and he would want Post 5’s wristwatch. It’s just a thought, but had Number 6’s wrist watch actually been waterproof the plan might well have worked, and Number 6 might well have told the Colonel the reason why he resigned during ‘The Chimes of Big Ben.’
   It was an elaborate plan which took place over 6 weeks, it had to, because that’s how long it took for Number 6 to carve out his boat! What’s more the plan didn’t really revolve around Number 2, he was there of course, but his part was simply to bring Number 6 and Number 8 together, and to see that they escape The Village unhindered. But he did know that Nadia and those “masters” back in
London were using the wrong approach, in fact he had told her so. Which indicates the idea for this plan didn’t originate with him, but probably with those “masters” back in London, who in turn despatched Nadia to The Village and therein to work undercover as a person sent there to recuperate due to nervous tension, or was it because she had resigned her job. Perhaps it was because she had discovered the whereabouts of The Village, having seen the file even just for a few seconds, or so she said. Anyway whichever it was because, it is a little unclear, Number 2’s reason doesn’t tally with Number 8’s. You’d at least expect they’d get their stories right!
   Anyway, Nadia is a top field agent, and having survived her experience she was free to leave The Village and go and make her report presumably to those “masters” back in
London. Fotheringay wouldn’t be far behind her, they might even leave in the same helicopter. The Colonel on the other hand may well face some embarrassing questions from those same masters when he returns, such as why did the plan fail? What’s more supposedly having been in control of the situation towards the end, the Colonel might well have been held accountable for the failure!

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