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Sunday 4 June 2017


    File Number 6. In making his report the new Number 2 said of Number 6, normal classification, on arrival the subject showed shock symptoms, followed by accepted behaviour pattern, since then has been uncooperative and distinctly aggressive, attempted to escape. Subject proving to be exceptionally difficult, but in view of his importance no extreme measures to be used yet! Does this mean that all new arrivals in The Village act in the same way as Number 6 did on his first day? After all during ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ Number 8 on the day of her arrival wondered about getting a car, or perhaps a taxi, just like Number 6 had done. And in the same way Number 6 had been asked to the Green Dome for breakfast, so had Number 8, although their conversation would have had a marked difference to that of Number 6’s de-briefing. And for that matter so would Curtis, and yet in a way, Number 6 had firsthand knowledge of that! I always thought it wrong that upon being faced with a plate of pancakes, yes pancakes and not flapjakes, Number 6 only nibbled on a piece of pancake seeing as they are supposed to be his favourite dish. Whereas when he was being conditioned, when faced with such a dish, he tucked into them, as though he hadn’t eaten for a week!

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