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Wednesday 28 June 2017

Teabreak Teaser!

    On the day of his arrival one of the first things he tried to do was make a telephone call. However despite the technological advances in The Village it still doesn’t have an automatic telephone exchange, and even if it had he still wouldn’t be able to make his call! The question is, who was the Prisoner trying to make a telephone call to? My money would be on the Colonel, after all he’s the person Number 6 goes running back to at the first opportunity, and even at the second opportunity! I doubt he would be trying to call his fiancée Janet Portland, he’d have one hell of a task trying to convince her of what had happened to him. He might expect Janet to tell her father Sir Charles Portland, she might even get her father to come to the telephone. Then again there’s always Fotheringay, or an outside bet might be that bureaucrat to whom ZM73 handed in his letter of resignation. But no, my money is still on the Colonel.

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