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Tuesday 6 June 2017

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    In ‘Hammer Into Anvil’ Nmber 6 approached the leader of the Brass Band and asked him to play a request, the Farandole from
L'Arlesienne Suite. The members of the Brass band must have known all the tunes they played by heart, seeing as they have no music sheets!
   Also when they shot that pigeon down, the one carrying Number 6’s coded message, they got the wrong one! Because when Number 6 wrote that message it was in black ink. Yet the message handed to Number 2 in the Cipher Room the message is written in blue ink!
   Number 2 asked the Head of Psychiatrics if he was preparing a report on his mental health. He wasn’t then, but I bet he was the moment the doctor returned to his office! What’s more, I suspect that once Number 2 had reported his own breakdown in control, having suffered a mental breakdown, he would then probably fall into the hands of the psychiatrist whom he had treated so badly in that interview earlier in the episode.
   I wonder, is it possible to track a pigeon on radar? Research has proved that it would be possible, but it would depend on the type of radar used. And that’s good, because before, I used to imagine a number of search teams sent out to scour the countryside searching for the pigeon which had been stunned by the electronic beam. Mind you, it’s just as well the pigeon didn’t come down in the sea. Then Number 2 would have had to call on the crew of M.S. Polotska to make a search for the pigeon, which might well have been lost at sea, and the coded message with it!
   And what if Number 2 had been right, that Number 6 is a “plant” sent by those “masters” we keep on hearing about, to check on him, to check on Village security. Certainly D.6’s report will not make for good reading for X.O.4!

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