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Wednesday 21 June 2017

Thought For The Day

    Early on in Checkmate, as the human chess pieces are assembling to take their positions on the chessboard, our diminutive friend the Butler appears in the road having walked down the steps from the Green Dome. He is accompanied by a Top Hat official from Administration, who carries the Butler’s black and white striped umbrella and the chessboard. This makes the Butler look very important indeed, especially as he’s carrying the box of chessmen. The Butler is obviously a student of chess because he follows the human game on his own board. Some have said in the past that it’s the Butler who actually makes the first move, and that the two chess players are simply following the moves the Butler makes. It’s a nice idea, but that is not the case. After the game Number 6 and Number 14, the chess champion, are talking in the Piazza by the pool and fountain, when the Butler comes walking passed, he is not accompanied by the Top Hat official from Administration. Now the Butler doesn’t look so important because not only does he have to carry his own umbrella, the box of chessmen, but also the chessboard! The question isn’t why the umbrella, when it’s not raining, the reason being that an umbrella can also act as a parasol against the sun, its why the need for the Top Hat official in the first place?

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