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Friday 30 June 2017

ThE PRisoneR

    Oh what it must be to be different. 6 is different, he stands out from the crowd wearing his suit at the dance. 2 also is different, the only one to wear a piped blazer, and yet he dressed identically to 6. Not so very different then. 2 also wears a completely different jacket to the normal single or double breasted plain blazer. The colour a kind of dove grey, with cuffs on the sleeves. Mrs. Butterworth as 2 wears her own dress of diamond pattern, as does Number 86 her dress of light blue more feminine than slacks, but not the usual attire for a doctor in The Village. The Butler also gets in on the act, he may have worn the formal dress of black tails, but he wears his colourfully striped cape inside out, as does Number 240. In the one case it would not have done to wear such a garish cape, in the other 240 probably doesn’t want to look stupid that’s all.

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