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Tuesday 20 June 2017

Escape And Come Back!

    Why did you escape and come back?
    I came back because I thought it was different!
    Different, you thought it was different?
    I escaped because I thought it was different there.
    Different to where?
    Here, different to here.
    But it wasn’t?
    No, it was just the same, only someone else was asking the questions!
    Someone else?
    Someone who is not you.............the Colonel.
    And so you came back.
    It’s almost as though you couldn’t stay away.
    Don’t flatter yourself, or this place.
    And yet you came back...........why?
    Life is better here.
    I don’t fit in anywhere else.
    You’re an exile?
    A nameless exile.
    But here?
    I belong.
    I’m pleased you finally realize that Number Three.
    My number isn’t Three it’s Six.
    Well we thought we would reward you. Now you are only second to me, and two away from One.
    You expect me to be pleased about that?
    I must remember to amend your file. Six is a free number now, to be allocated to the next new arrival.
    Lucky him!
    It might be a her!
    And me?
    You have nothing more to offer us. Clearly you are no use to us in the outside World, clearly you couldn’t wait to return here. You know your trouble Number Three?
    No, but I’ve a feeling you’re going to tell me.
    You’re far too acclimatized to The Village. You have been out of circulation for far too long.
    Then let me go.
    You came back remember?
    What about my resignation?
    Oh not that old chestnut, we don’t care about why you resigned, it’s no longer important. The best we can offer is to find you employment here in The Village. A man of your calibre............ could do sterling work as an Undercover!
    A what?
    You could keep an eye on certain citizens.
    Like you perhaps?
    Oh no not me, I’m Number Two, I am beyond question.
    No-one is beyond question.
    You think so?
    You’re setting a trap for me.
    It’s only a trap if you want it to be.
    Village is all there is for me now.
    Have you only just realized that Number One?

Be seeing you

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