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Wednesday 14 June 2017

Chimes Out Of Tune!

   It was once noted that having arrived in the Colonel’s office after a supposed twelve hour journey, the crate is finally opened, and Number 6 and Nadia are on opposite sides of the crate to which they were when they originally got in the crate. Well obviously the crate was opened from the opposite side to the one they got into!
   More than that is the red lorry which is supposed to be transporting the crate with Number 6 and Nadia sealed inside, well there is no crate on the back of the lorry! You'd think if someone was going to film a lorry on the road, they'd actually put that crate, even if empty, on the back of that lorry, certainly for continuity purposes. And in that regard it would have been better if they could have had film of the same lorry, not that of two different ones! After all, the film of the crates being put aboard a cargo ship, means the viewer can assume that one of those crates contains Number 6 and Nadia. And again the viewer sees a crate filmed being loaded onto a cargo plane. Perhaps the lorry is from another film, in fact all the film of the twelve hour journey was supplied by World Background. 
   ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ has a “cold war” scenario. Forget for a moment that Number 6 and Nadia are supposedly escaping from The Village, the action could easily suggest that they were simply escaping from a country behind the Iron Curtain. And bringing the Prisoner back to an office, again supposedly in
London, with both Fotheringay and the Colonel present, well that merely confirms it is the British who are behind The Village.
   And why oh why didn't Number 6 pick up on the fact that Big Ben chimes twice in the space of 2 minutes and 45 seconds. But it was rather clever for them to get the chimes of Big Ben, which is being played on a tape recorder, to synchronise perfectly with the watch worn by Number 6! 

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