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Wednesday 14 June 2017

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    I wonder, I wonder if those three children in ‘The Girl Who Was Death called Number 6 uncle Six? I was only wondering, only 16’s family called Six Uncle Six because he was supposed to be their uncle. In THEPRIS6NER that is. I shouldn’t think Number 6 was an uncle to those three children, but they might have called him uncle Six, using it as a term of endearment. Uncle Six has a sort of ring to it, wouldn’t you say? After all to them Six wouldn’t be his number, but his name. Ah, but whose children were they, I hear you ask? It’s has been suggested in a theory that they might be the sons and daughter of Number 2. That would be the easiest thing I suppose, nothing easier really. Number 2 brings his children to The Village, unconscious so they see nothing of The Village, only the room of their nursery. So how many times did Number 6 visit the children? If it was but the once it seems to be an awful lot of trouble to go to, just for one try at getting Number 6 to drop his guard with children. But then it’s not any less an elaborate plan than any of those preceding it. And anything is worth trying once. Strange how between ‘The Schizoid Man’ and ‘The Girl Who Was Death’ the reason behind the Prisoner’s resignation appears to have become of secondary or indeed of no importance whatsoever, while breaking Number 6 has suddenly become the primary objective for some. While now the reason behind the Prisoner’s resignation has suddenly become important again. But it seems to have been a half-hearted attempt. Not running out of time, more like ideas. It’s the same with Number 6 attempting to escape, after ‘Checkmate’ he simply stops trying to escape. He did try and send a message to anyone who might find it, but that backfired on him. Because then like Cobb, as far as Number 6 is concerned, to the outside world he’ll be dead, something which seems to have been forgotten by the time of ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling!’

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